New Social Networking Websites For Business – Try ZoMexa

Zomexa is one of the new social networking websites for business use that has have become available towards that end of the noughties.

Mike Springer is the founder of ZoMexa and he tells his own story:-

“It was 1995.  I was the VP of Finance for Ziff Davis Education in Rochester, NY. I’d just helped them turn around the company, and could do no wrong.  However, my wife Laura and I really wanted to move to San Francisco.  But how do you do that? You just don’t just leave the kind of job I had without having another in hand.


Network right?  But how do you do that from 3000 miles away for an executive position? It’s not easy and I was afraid of being found out.  I really wanted a service whereby I could have specified:  I want to meet quality people in San Francisco; In publishing; At a senior level; For Firms above $5 million in sales; AND Who also where looking to network with people like me. 

Fast forward to 2008. After selling my mid-tier textbook company, I had the time and means to launch ZoMexa;  exactly the kind of system that would have helped me in 1995.  

We’re the online business networking equivalent of eHarmony…With an extra layer of privacy…And a system to ensure you’re networking with people that are worth networking with. 


How ZoMexa works:

  1. When a user joins, they fill out a profile using pull-down menus and data-validated fields.
  2. The user then creates a search for the types of people they want to meet.
  3. Our matching software (MS) then finds an initial pool of the best possible matches for the user.
  4. The MS then cross-references the search criteria of the initial pool against the user’s profile.
  5. The result is a final set of matches where the user and remaining pool of matches have effectively expressed interest in meeting each other.
  6. After generating the matches, ZoMexa suggests the resultant members meet, using a “double blind contact system” whereby the system emails a partial profile to each party without revealing identities.
  7. When both parties express interest in meeting each other, identities are revealed, and a formal introduction is made.
  8. After members meet, ZoMexa asks both users to rate their interaction using a simple three-point rating system.
  9. Members who receive consistently good ratings for their interactions with others are rewarded with increased networking opportunities. Members who receive consistently bad ratings receive less.
In short, once you set up your profile and who you want to meet, the system regularly suggests potential matches.”

Thanks once again to Mike Springer for this article and if you would like to join ZoMexa, click here.

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