North Carolina Business Networking Chapters

Here's the list of North Carolina business networking chapters city by city in alphabetical order.

Chapel Hill

Whilst listed under Chapel Hill this chapter also invite the surrounding communities such as Durham, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Cary and a multitude of other neighboring cities.

Member meetings are on Wednesdays between 8:00 am and 9:30 am at the Extraordinary Ventures, Inc. in Chapel Hill. These are basically meetings of the mind where the business community comes together to discuss the direction that is best suited for the community.

The weekly fee of five dollars extends to all participants as a way to fund various future events and activities to benefit the businesses, the community, and charitable events.

Further information is attainable through Lee Schearer of American Real Estate and Appraisal Company and Don Bonin of Town & Country Trader at 919-490-1922.


The Hood Hargett Breakfast Club offers a networking opportunity with a twist.

It markets itself as a category exclusive networking organisation and hosts some 36 events throughout the year for its members and their guests. So not only is it about networking between the various group members it's also about how you interact with your guests and build relationships here also. A variation on the theme of client entertainment.

Eight times every year hosted at the Carmel Country Club is what's commonly referred to as “the flagship event” where world renowned personalities make a keynote speech. Part of this speech is an opportunity for the speaker to offer tips and advice so that members and guests may learn how to improve performance from somebody who has already demonstrated their success.

There are also a number of other events held on an ongoing basis throughout the year such as a quarterly luncheon for members and also the opportunity for each individual member to host their own informal luncheon.

For more information about how to join contact Jenn Snyder, Executive Director on 704-602-9529 or e-mail

You can also read more at their website.


The Christian Business Network hosts meetings for lunch on the third Tuesday of every single month. The Cary Meeting is a nice way to gather with other business people in the area to pass out business cards and learn from one another. The meetings are help from 11:30am until 1:00pm and you are encouraged to bring new friends to share in the business networking opportunities to be had.

For further information on the monthly Cary Meetings for business networking or any of the other events held by the Christian Business Network, please contact Rick by calling (919) 369-0329.


Every month, the Women’s Center of Fayetteville meets for Morning Coffee. This is an event that includes a short presentation along with discussion time and an ample allotment for mingling and sharing contact information with other business professionals and entrepreneurs in attendance. Additionally, there are lunch meetings held for members every two months that include informative topics, workshop style classes and much more.

For further information on any of the seminars, meetings or business networking events that are held through the Women’s Center of Fayetteville, located on 230 Hay Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301, you may call them at (910) 323-3377.


Taking the time to meet other professionals in the Gastonia, NC area is quite easy when you either become a member of the Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce or simply attend one of the business networking events on their monthly schedule. There are always monthly meetings taking place that are just right foe business networking including mixers, breakfast gatherings, seminars and much more. Just bring along some business cards and you will be ready to meet others in the business field in the Gstonia, North Carolina area.

In order to find out more about the business networking events that are scheduled in Gastonia, NC, you can contact the Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce located on 601 W. Franklin St. Gastonia, North Carolina 28053 by calling (704) 864-2621.


Harrisburg Business Networkers makes things easy with all sorts of great events and meetings where you can share your information with other professionals from in and around the Harrisburg, NC area. Before you know it, you will see that your contact list is filled with other business minded individuals that you can share experiences with or even meet up with for potential business ventures.

In order to get the most of other professionals around you, the Harrisburg Business Networkers group holds bi-monthly networking events. These events vary in terms of time and location, so it is best that you check the website for current information. No matter which one of the events you attend, be sure that you bring along plenty of business cards so that you can easily share your contact information with others. All business networking events are open to members and non-members alike.

For further information on bi-monthly business networking events or any other events going on with the Harrisburg Business Networkers group, you may call (704) 455-1024.


The Raleigh Business and Professional Network, Inc. meets a number of times throughout the month for both business networking dinner events and “between meeting” socials. The time, location and cost for these business networking gatherings do change from event to event, so it is best that you inquire in advance to be sure that you have all of the details prior to attending. No matter which event you choose, you are guaranteed to meet lots of other professionals from the Raleigh area so be sure to bring along plenty of business cards.

The Raleigh Business and Professional Network by mail at Raleigh Business and Professional Network, P.O. Box 18844, Raleigh, North Carolina 27619 or by filling out the contact form on the website.

We hope that this North Carolina business networking chapters list will continue to grow. If you're part of a networking group or indeed run one then we'd like to hear from you.

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