Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Services

Outsourcing social media marketing services is cost and time efficient but is it an effective way to build business relationships and find new customers?

We passionately believe that building new business relationships is fundamental to business growth and the same applies whether in a face to face or virtual environment.

Outsourcing your social media activities can save you time and money by:-

  • Finding and engaging with new contacts on Twitter
  • Writing your daily blog or Facebook post (or both)
  • Manage your LinkedIn Group
  • Responding to action requests
  • Reporting at regular intervals to suit you

........but is it really you?

For sure if you are a big corporate then most people would expect that your company branded Twitter account is going to be operated by a faceless individual but when this happens, the account is devalued into an additional customer feedback portal and nothing more. It's never going to be there to build relationships and new customers.

As a small business though, your account can build relationshps but only if the personality that people are going to get to know like and trust is actually you.

Even blogging, which is more of a one way flow of information looses it's edge if the personality behind it is less passionate about your business than you are.

Many of you will argue that to do everything isn't possible because there aren't enough hours in the day. Well guess what? You're right!

To use social media effectively you've got to choose where you are going to get the best bang for your buck. It's difficult to generalise but if you are in a B2B business then it's possible that Facebook is going to be a waste of time for you. If so, don't do it.

Of the big three, that leaves Twitter and LinkedIn. Just do one or the other, work out how you can best get it to work for you, don't try and do everything at once.

One step at a time, quality rather than quantitiy and outsource social media at your peril.

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