Red Carpet Monday Online Business Networking

Red Carpet Monday online business networking is a new method of making connections and cultivating new business using the web.

As a business owner you create a comprehensive business profile of your company’s services and contact information. You can also build on this with a personal bio, picture and information about your interests.

It’s an invitation only service and the philosophy behind that is that Red Carpet Monday see themselves as a targeted search engine that’s going to directly deliver information about quality business services that you can rely upon as opposed to the more “hit and miss” experience of using a major search engine. 

Users can search the network by name, company, industry, college or personal interests and members can contact other users, schedule business meetings, read other member bios, and post pictures. Members also have access to a bulletin board where they can announce forthcoming events or jobs for example.

The foundation of this service is Florida but it is now starting to grow and the stated intention is to go national across the US in the fullness of time. As you’re reading this, the network will have grown some more so it’ll be well worth taking a peak at the Red Carpet Monday website and seeing whether it has come to your part of town.

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