Relationship Building - Tips For Getting Others To Know Like And Trust You

A really important networking technique is relationship building. The generation of business through referral or ‘positive recommendation’ comes when people have come to know, like and trust you.

This business EL2 Ltd is built on the foundation that business growth is acheived though strong business relationships because people buy from people. In order to build relationships we have to be able to communicate effectively and the core competence of our business is to help you do just that using the communication technology and platforms that exist today.

So we now know that we need to communicate, we also can learn how to communicate effectively but still we need to answer the question "what do we communicate?"

In addition, remember that communication is not just about speaking and listening, it's also about how we act and what we do so taking all this into account here are my top tips for building successful business relationships using the "know, like and trust" concept:-


  1. Be able to succinctly describe the benefits of your service.
  2. If you can’t describe them, then how can others?
  3. Be specific about the help you want – who do you want referrals to?
  4. How can someone recognize that someone else needs your service?
  5. How effective are your business cards – do they clearly convey what you do? Do you use both sides?
  6. Do you have effective promotional material that clearly conveys how you/your services are of value to others?


  1. Help others first.
  2. Never criticize others.
  3. Provide written and verbal testimonials whenever possible.
  4. Be supportive to others when they need it.


  1. Be authentic – don’t try to be someone you are not – remember it is ‘you’ that is your unique selling point and people will see through an ‘act’.
  2. Deliver your promises and exceed expectations with the service you provide.
  3. Be a good customer – pay on time.

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