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I have trawled through numerous sources regarding small business accounting software reviews and spoken with people who have purchased accounting software for their businesses and the Personal Accounts Small Business (for PCs) by Accountz.com_Ltd and sold through Amazon comes up trumps. Note though this software does not handle VAT! So if you are VAT registered then you will have to look here (link to small business bookkeeping software).

The Small Business Edition of Personal Accounts is ‘just the ticket’ when all you require is straightforward bookkeeping software without the frills. You can even be the most disorganised of people and have your invoices, bills and receipts all over the place and when you enter them into the spreadsheet Personal Accounts: Small Business will not only put them in to date order for you but total all the columns as well. It’s as if by magic! (well, almost).

‘This programme also automates your direct debits and standing orders so you don't need to remember them each month. With its live profit and loss and balance sheet you will always see exactly how your business is doing’, said one happy customer.

The real beauty is that it is that rare beast – a software program that has a single ‘area’ in which to input you data, so that ‘at a glance’ you can see exactly where you are at any given time. You can always be one step ahead of the game because as you can view all your balances, you can accurately see into the future – predict the ups and the downs so that you can react accordingly.

For the novice it takes a short while to get the hang of things but a little patience works wonders. For the more experienced it’s a breeze.

There are two main areas both of which are spreadsheet screens you would instantly feel comfortable with. The designers have purposefully kept things simple.

The first area or screen is actually the summary of everything you have entered into the second area or screen containing all the accounts you wish to set up. Within the latter effective ‘drop-down’ menus make life simple and you simply post each of your transactions just the once. So if you have, for example, taken monies from the bank account and used them to pay for or buy something then that will be reflected here. There is also a software tool that can then reconcile all your transactions against your bank statements. Your transactions can then be grouped so as to provide not only a P&L summary but also the balance sheet in the first screen.

So, thanks to looking at various small business accounting software reviews we are home and dry with PASB for PCs.

Vital Statistics:-

  • Easy entry and editing in a no limits window
  • Fast to load, fast to learn, fast to use
  • Instant 'as you type' balance updating
  • Automatic forecasting of your automated entries
  • Overdrawn date and amount fields automatically displayed
  • Unlimited entries and accounts
  • Unlimited accounts per file
  • Unlimited files (subject only to memory and disc space)
  • Accounts can be grouped complete with group totals, and groups can be nested together to any depth
  • Entries can be locked against editing, and your files can be password protected
  • Automated and manual account reconciliation
  • Remembers your entire set up between sessions and ready to go exactly where you last finished
  • No preset accounting periods (your files can cover any period)
  • Files can be split at any time, and continuation files can be automatically created
  • Free version 5 upgrades via the internet (download time less than 3 minutes on a dial-up modem)

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