Ten Small Business Advertising Tips

Here are 10 small business advertising tips which will help you to ensure that you get the most from your advertising campaign and any advertising investment you make.

  1. Know before you start who you want to target through your advertising, what your budget is and what outcome you are looking for.
  2. Choose your advertising media accordingly. E.g. There is probably little point in advertising in a local magazine delivered to households if you are targeting businesses.
  3. Use a Direct Response Advertising approach rather than Brand Advertising.
  4. Consider using the AIDA sequence to structure your advert.
  5. Seek opportunities to write editorial (if printed or on-line media) or talk about your expertise (if on the radio) to support your adverts. You can increase the chances of your potential customers reading your advert if you write relevant and quality editorial which provides unbiased advice and then points to your advert or Company name at the end. This you will probably have to provide for free but you may be able to get a free ad in return, dependent on the publication. Get to know editors and other key contacts at newspapers, radio stations and other media who you can influence to help you.
  6. Ensure your printed and on-line adverts are visually eye catching and look professional – use logos and pictures to help your advert stand out. If graphic design is not your strong point it may be well worth your time investing in the services of a graphic designer.
  7. Ensure your contact details are full and accurate
  8. Proof read all adverts before going to print. Ask someone else to do this too as it is easy to overlook something you have put together.
  9. Make sure our advert is timely…too far in advance of a special offer and event and your ad will be forgotten, too close and you will not have given your audience sufficient time to respond.
  10. Measure the response and eventual outcome of your advertising

Recommended Further Reading:

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business: Building a Successful Business with Smart Advertising (101 (Allen & Unwin)) by Andrew Griffiths (Paperback - 1 April 2004)

Successful Advertising for Small Businesses (Entrepreneur Magazine) by Conrad Berke (Paperback - 26 Sep 1996)

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