Small Business Bookkeeping Software

Mention accounts packages that include small business bookkeeping software and in a heartbeat most people will mention Sage. It is generally accepted that this is the standard by which all others are measured.

The ‘all singing all dancing’ Sage Instant Business Package (Contains Sage Instant Accounts v16, Sage Instant Payroll v12 and ACT! 2011) is the one stop shop that not only handles your accounts and your VAT returns but up to 12 people on the payroll – submitting your returns electronically to HMRC.

There is also an ‘Audit trail and Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Quick Ratio Report, Budget Report, Prior Year Report and Financial Reports.’

A big plus in my book is that you can even manage your contact list - Store data for customers, suppliers, employees or even friends. ‘With the Contact Record you can record notes, history of communications such as emails or changes to main contact, helping you to keep track of tasks or activities’.

Ignore the one adverse comment on Amazon if you come across it (though at the time of writing the best on-line prices are to be had on Amazon); look at review sites like CIAO where users frequently rate Sage as having 5 star small business bookkeeping software products.

You can purchase ‘piecemeal’ variations of this all inclusive package that covers small business bookkeeping software but you will find the prudence of economy if you require PAYE, VAT returns and all important financial reports.

A suitable step down would be Sage Instant Accounts Plus 2009 v15 - ‘a simple but powerful accounting package ideal for small businesses in particular those that are experiencing growth.

There are also a selection of ‘Dummies’ books available (from Amazon) that cover everything from small Bookkeeping to Sage to ACT. Dummies books, for those unaware of this publishing phenomena, are self help books that quite literally ‘spell out’ what you need to know on the given subject.

Vital Statistics:-

Sage Instant Business Package

  • Includes Sage Instant Accounts (see below), Sage Instant Payroll & ACT! by Sage
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Create quotations and invoices and instantly see how much profit you’ll make
  • Prepare VAT returns and securely submit to HMRC on-line
  • Manage the payroll for up to 10 employees in a given financial year
  • Process your Payroll Year End
  • Track leads and spot opportunities
  • Plan and target marketing campaigns
  • HR and Health & Safety Legislation Advice
  • One year’s Sage Cover Online support

Sage Instant Accounts

  • Step-by-step set up: Select the best options for your business and get set up in minutes
  • Practice mode: Try things out before getting to grips with your company data
  • Understand the profitability of quotes and invoices before committing to them
  • Record till takings quickly and easily
  • More help when you need it: Find everything you need on the Welcome page
  • Sage Cover Online: An inclusive one-year contract giving you email and web-based support
  • Video guides show you what you'll see on screen to help you complete key tasks
  • Easier error corrections: No more chasing stray figures through multiple menus.

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