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This page is dedicated to listing small business franchises for sale anywhere in the world. Whether you are operating a franchise or your own business, business networking is an extremely cost-effective way to market your goods and services. So if you decide to buy a business franchise or start up your own business, you know exactly where to come for all the latest business networking tips.

The benefit of buying a franchise rather than setting up your own business from nothing is that the franchise seller has already developed the business model and should be able to demonstrate its success. Having said that it always pays to do your own business planning, don't just take for granted what the franchise salesman tells you about your earnings potential.

The other benefits to a franchise should include a comprehensive training package and all the marketing blurb that you need in order to promote your business right from day one.

That doesn't mean that all franchise opportunities are a sure fire way to make money and you still ned to take care when deciding firstly whether a franchise is for you and secondly which franchise to buy.

It always helps to set up in business and do something that you are passionate about and being passsionate about making money isn't enough. Setting up any business whether with the support of a franchise or not is tough and if you're not passionate about your market and don't believe in what you're doing it's all too easy to throw in the towel. When you do this with a franchise, don't expect the franchisor to just hand you your money back.

Think carefully, choose wisely and here's your starter for 10.

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