Small Business Insurance

Essential for any start up is to have low cost small business insurance whether it's employer's liability, professional indemnity or personal insurance.

Employer's liability insurance covers your business if you have people working for you. A typical example would be if your business is industrial and one of your employees has a accident at work. This type of insurance will cover you should there be a claim made against you.

Professional indemnity insurance is commonplace for "one man" micro businesses and will provide cover for you against any commercial or legal claim that one of your suppliers or customers may make should they not have been happy with the service you provide. This type of insurance is very common for non incorporated businesses in order that you can protect your personal life and possessions.

You might also want to consider personal insurance when you start up your business. In the early days of any business it's you that drives it and essentially it's you that makes the money. If you're sick then you have no income. If you die then your family may be left with nothing so consider, medical, dental and life insurance.

Affordable Insurance
Affordable medical, dental, and life insurance plans and quotes online for your family or an individual.

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