Small Business Loans and Grants

Looking for small business loans and grants? Well I’m sorry to say that we don’t have the magic answers but we do have some even if bad credit is part of your problem.

Grants are extremely difficult to find albeit I have found some opportunities if you're lucky enough to be in North America.

For United States Citizens:-

Federal Government Grant Source

Dollar Grants

US Government Grants

For Canadian Citizens:-

Government Grants Canada

Secured Business Loan

One way is via a secured business loan. This simply means that you can borrow money against adequate security. Your home, other property, even your car or valuable jewellery or some other form of valuable object can be held as collateral.

Amounts of loans can vary but can be up to £100,000 on up to 30 year repayment terms.

In addition to filling out some detailed paperwork you will also need to submit a business plan (which we have looked at in depth over a number of applicable articles on here. If you are seeking funds to develop an existing business then you will need to provide previous years accounts, (P&L and Balance Sheets) and probably filed tax returns.

You can get a secured loans from one of three different places:

  • A traditional lender such as a bank
  • A non-traditional lender such as an organization that deals specifically in this area
  • A local business such as a pawn shop

Unsecured Business Loan

More of a consideration for those considering expansion. It could be that you want to take on an additional employee or move into office premises rather than working for home.

You could use your ‘own money’ but the smart way is to take up an unsecured business loan (thereby keeping your personal finances separate from your business). The reason for this is that you want to keep your personal finances as well as your business finances separate as much you can.

For UK Residents

For United States Citizens:-


Business Loans Within 7 Days

Whichever way you choose to go when thinking about small business loans and grants research your options carefully! Preferably speak with your/ a suitably qualified accountant.

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