Small Business Marketing Strategy

Here we look at the small business marketing strategy section next up from the original Marketing Plan. We have seen already how in producing your marketing plan we perform our market research, then we took a look at your product and those of your competitors culminating in our list of USPs (unique selling points) pertinent to your business.


This area covers quite a range of possible activities and we need to address them one by one although here we will only cover them in summary because there's so much more detail about these strategies elsewhere on the site.

i) Business Networking

You cannot over estimate the power of human contact and word of mouth. Getting out and about is a realistic way to discover new opportunities, meet people of influence, decision makers, ideas people, kindred spirits and most importantly potential customers or people who can connect you with said customers. I talk about this in terms of 3 steps to success.

1a. Attending Business Networking Events

You can find business networking events in your area by following the links below.

Click here for USA

Click here for UK

Click here for Canada

1b. It’s also worth registering with On Line Business Networking Groups



2. Join your local Chamber of Commerce

A smart operator, as an integral part of their small business marketing strategy will always involve themselves with the local Chamber of Commerce who are there to help promote local businesses.

US Chamber Of Commerce

US Womens Chamber Of Commerce

British Chamber Of Commerce

3. Sign up to BNI or B4B

I've picked these two organisations out because they are two of the most well attended however they are not the only business networking organisations out there.

For more information about BNI

For more information about B4B

Note that unlike BNE, BNO and C of C there are costs attached to joining your local ‘chapter’. That includes a join up fee, annual subscription and payment for each ‘event – breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. that you attend. They also have a rule generally that only one type of business can become a member within the chapter.

The next area of your small business marketing strategy to look at is ii) Direct Marketing

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