A Small Business Website With Low Cost Search Engine Optimization

Your small business website is now generally an accepted part of promoting your products or services. They can be a way of people finding out information about your services, getting your contact details or even buying your products on-line.

For most businesses accept that your website will just act as a ‘calling card’ – in other words people will visit it if they already know your website address or business name and location, and it then acts like a brochure to explain your products and services and how to contact you.

Search Engine Optimization

Disappointment arises when business owners have expectations about being found on the internet through the search engines. Consider that there are around 2 billion websites now indexed on Google with large wealthy organizations paying huge amounts of money on search engine optimization to get their sites number one on Google.

It's also easy to pay a lot for search engine optimization for your company name. Let's be honest, it's not difficult to get to the top of Google if your company is called “Hata Gaga Jaba” because you have no competition, so don't pay a fortune for someone to do this for you - least of all because no-one will actually be searching for these keywords!

So be realistic, if you want to increase the presence for your small business website then the low cost search engine optimization option is to invest in “Pay Per Click” methods such as Google AdWords where you pay for your site to be advertised on the right hand side of the search results pages for relevant terms. For example, if you have a business selling local HR services you may pay Google an amount to have your website displayed when someone searches for HR services in your area.

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