Social Networking Marketing Using Upspring

Upspring is all about social network marketing, the emphasis being on marketing as opposed to social networking. Many of us use social networking sites such as Facebook for recreation and fun but few of us truly understand what social media marketing can do for our business.

Customer on line purchases are growing but it’s fair to say that the vast majority of internet searches are for information so if you have an online business that this is how Upspring can help you.

Upspring works with the major search engines to help your business get noticed online and simultaneously improves your conversion rates for information searches in to off line sales. Upspring can also support with the distribution of product promotions designed to encourage customers to buy.

One key point to note is that because the sales come off line, by definition this service is local to the your business and the client base.

The other standard stuff that you’d expect from a social networking site is there to such as access to advice and the opportunity to build your network of like minded entrepreneurs so that you can build relationships and share your experiences and in true networking style there’s also a user group that facilitates the giving and receiving of referrals.

For more information about how to join Upspring click on this link

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