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Access social networking research and peer support using the website “Focus”. The idea is that business professionals come together to help each other with business decisions by sharing their expertise and research in a way that makes quality information available and accessible for the whole community.

The research that's available is designed to help businesses simplify their decisions particularly when it comes to procurement of technology solutions or outsourcing as an example. As a business grows a lot of expenditure is focused on the procurement of new products and services as companies strive to remain cost competitive yet quality information about how to do this is few and far between. Focus was founded to fill the gap and provide the necessary data to make these decisions.

This business social networking and research site provides a list created guides and tools to support buyers through all phases of the procurement process right through from:-

  • Understanding the market
  • Creating a specification
  • Going to tender
  • How to make comparisons

You can start simply by selecting a product or service that you want to understand, joining a group, or simply asking a question. Likewise experienced buyers and analysts are encouraged to connect with prospective buyers by contributing research, joining groups and answering by questions.

For more information about how to join click here.

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