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Biznik is a social networking site for business and as such combines both business networking and social networking into one online networking tool. The philosophy behind it is that collaboration is better than the competition so Biznik brings together entrepreneurs and allows them to communicate and collaborate in a business environment.

Whether you are in a start-up situation or your business is already up and running Biznik is here to help. In their marketing spiel they make it clear that they are not just another LinkedIn, in other words they are more about sharing ideas and solving problems rather than posting your resume with a view to finding another job.

Biznik also offers the ability to have face-to-face meetings and bills long lasting business relationships and in the true spirit of business networking techniques Biznik is very clear to point out that you get what you give. That is to say if you help others then it won't be long before others start to recognise you and promote your business.

One final point to make is that Biznik members must use their real names.

If you are interested in joining then and there are three membership options to consider. The basic membership is free and offers all the fundamental features that you need to get started.

Pro-membership costs $10 a month and offers extras such as unlimited messaging and video profiles.

Finally there is a Pro VIP membership which gives you enhance visibility for $24 a month.

If you're interested in joining them go to

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