Social Networking

Social networking is the process of developing a network of social contacts. You may already network socially either to develop friendships and become part of a community or you may want to contact others who share a common interest such as hobbies, religion or politics. In general people who engage in the social style of networking are motivated by the desire to gain personal relationships rather than business opportunities.

The term has arisen through the emergence of online networking sites - Facebook and MySpace being just two of the many thousands all of which have different aims and are targeted towards people who have different wants and needs.

Social Business Networking

Since many business relationships are built up through getting to know, like and trust others there is blurring of definitions between social and business networking. So, we now have seen the emergence of social business networking whereby people socially interact with each other and build up mutually rewarding relationships with mainly business objectives in mind, the idea being that the more people you meet, the greater the network of contacts therefore the greater chance of new customers.

Business Social Networking

There are social websites which are purely targeted towards meeting business objectives whilst other networking sites such as Facebook now have seen the need for members to network for business reasons and now have their own business networking facilities.

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