Speed Networking Events

Speed networking is a type of business networking activity and very much like speed dating it is about making initial contact with as many people as possible in a short space of time.

A speed event is structured in such a way that you can introduce yourself to others in an allocated period of time, say 3 minutes before moving onto the next person. The idea is that basic information about you and the each other participants is exchanged gained rather than an in-depth discussion.

Speed Networking Stopwatch

The Advantages Of A Speed Event

The advantage of networking at speed is that you have the opportunity to meet and exchange business cards with a relatively large number of other business people and if you find it difficult to ‘move on’ the enforced procedure means that you are not left talking to the same person for the whole of the event.

If the speed event is then combined with a period of ‘free networking’ you can then choose to return to have a more in depth conversation with those whom you feel you have some synergy with. Alternatively if business cards have been exchanged then you can contact those who you want to after the event.

The Disadvantages Of A Speed Event

The downside is that you may be restricted to a limited conversation with others at the event. There may be insufficient time to build rapport (an essential part of the relationship-building process) and a good conversation and opportunities may be cut short when you have to move onto the next person.

There is also the pressure to get all the ‘essential information’ into the short period of time so instead of a relaxed information-gathering process you might feel that it’s more like a pressurized sales pitch.

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