Starting A Small Business

Starting a small business can be a daunting task whatever time in life you are at or whatever experience you have behind you. Some of the concerns or questions you may have are:

  • Will the business be a success?
  • Will it bring me what I want?
  • Will I have enough hours in the day?
  • Whose services will I need to employ?
  • What funding do I need and where can I find the right investors?
  • How will I get people to buy my products or services?
  • Who can I turn to for advice?

Like many people this may be your first venture into self-employment and you are looking forward to exciting times ahead….and why not? Having your own business is a superb opportunity to be your own boss, putting the hours in for you rather than anyone else and creating a product or service that will have your ‘mark’ on it.

However you may have discovered already that running your own business isn’t always that bed of roses and success rarely comes overnight. Running your own business requires drive and commitment to succeed, and success isn’t guaranteed just by putting the hours in. There are many business people who work all hours, become highly stressed and reap no rewards at all whether financial or personal.

Running a successful business is about finding that right product or service and having a passion for what you do. It’s also about knowing your own strengths and using them to the full whilst also knowing what slows you down and then finding other business associates with complementary areas of expertise. Remember, no entrepreneur made his or her millions by working alone. Running your own small business also requires having knowledge about what is happening in your business and keeping tabs on the finances and you need effective systems in place to manage your time efficiently.

The related pages on this site have been written to help you if you are thinking about setting up your own business or have set one up and want to move your business forward. There are tips to consider if you are just starting up, information to help you find the right advice and small business tools available and it lists some of the resources that are available to help you decide who you should be teaming up with.

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