Telemarketing Or Telesales

Telemarketing or telesales is a method of marketing your business which involves directly soliciting your potential customer with a telephone call. The ultimate aim is to sell your products or services over the phone or to secure a face to face appointment when you can then go onto sell. See also cold calling which is a term used to describe the first phone call in this process.

You may have tried this method of marketing yourself and dislike it especially if you dislike being on the receiving end of such phone calls. Many people find this method of marketing intrusive and consequently it has developed a bad reputation.

However, if done effectively telemarketing or telesales can be a very good way of securing an appointment with a prospect. You just have to remember that it is a numbers game so you can expect only a small percentage of calls to get the result you want.

There is now legislation in place to protect the privacy of consumers so have to be careful you follow the law laid down in your own country and be aware of who you can and cannot solicit.

If you personally feel uncomfortable making such calls then you may want to use the services of a telemarketing company which specialises in making these calls – however check out how they operate too. If they are making that first call on behalf of your business do they operate ethically and will they accurately represent the company and portray your business as you would wish?

Recommended Further Reading:

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