Telephone Cold Calling

Telephone cold calling is the first telephone call made to a prospective customer in order to gain an appointment with them and if done well can be an effective first step in your sales process.

You may hate receiving cold calls, unwanted calls at the wrong time of day by someone you really are not ready to talk to…but equally you may, every now and then, responds positively, feeling pleased that someone has rung you up at the right time with the offer of something that will make your life easier or cheaper!

The fact is that done effectively cold calling does work…(after all why do so many companies invest in this form of marketing?) and success depends firstly on your attitude. Regard it as a numbers game…only a small proportion of people will respond positively but it is these people who will make the exercise worth while. And even if you don’t achieve the primary objective of your call (for example to get an appointment) it is an opportunity to find out some information about your customer whether it is who they are currently buying from, how much they pay or even information on who you should be speaking to.

Good telephone cold calling involves taking a gentle, non-pushy consultative approach where you are asking questions of your prospect to find out information and identify their needs. This information will then give you the platform to get agreement to them finding out more about how your product or service can help solve this problem.

Recommended Further Reading:

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