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There many consultants advocating Twitter marketing as being the state of the art way to promote your business but does it work and how do you get the most out of it?

My experience to date is that it does work, I can track the amount of visitors that I get to my websites and businesses through my tweets using simple free twitter track tools but there's still more to it than just “Tweeting” ie. pumping out Tweets.

The single most important point for successful Twitter marketing is to remember that Twitter is a platform for two way communication using the @ message facility. Pumping out Tweets in a scatter gun approach and treating it like a blog doesn't work. This is where it's is like face to face business networking, you must engage with people who are interested in your niche and it's only when you've had a number of exchanges and built up a relationship that they will start to include you in other conversations and this is when the business opportunities will start to flow.

I see many people Tweeting and they are just issuing links to affiliate accounts (ie where they make a commission should you buy anything) and frankly they are playing a numbers game. Put out enough tweets and eventually someone somewhere will be inquisitive enough to click. I find this type of twitter marketing tiresome but I guess that it must work otherwise they wouldn't do it and from what I've learned most of them use this software.

To my mind there's better ways to use Twitter to market your business.

Direct messaging is a useful tool if used infrequently, use it too much and people will think that you are spamming them, and being truthful, if you do use it too much then you are spamming. A direct message every now and then is fine, but only do it to those that you have already engaged in a conversation. Many also use direct messaging (even I do) to try and engage immediately when someone follows me but I've no evidence to suggest that this technique works.

The retweet facility is a great way to applaud someone else's Tweet and also start up a new conversation. Just remember to start any retweet with the prefix RT@ followed by the user name of the person that you are retweeting.

As your followers grow you'll find it increasing more difficult to read and manage your twitter account. Set up a list with all the people that you want to follow and then follow that list rather than you general account. Many will argue that every follower should be in one list or another and if you've got got the time to do it then by all means put everyone in a list. Just remember that your list are public so don't call a list “trash” or “no good” as others won't thank you to be included in this list.

You don't need a website to market yourself on twitter. It's still a good way of engaging with people within your niche, all it means is that when you've struck up a relationship, the next stage is to pick the phone and build it from there. It beats cold calling!

If you do have a website, then there's also a wealth of Twitter widgets that you can put on your website to show your activity. The beauty of this is that it keeps your website fresh and shows any visitors that there always something new to refer to.

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