Why Twitter Search Is Vital For Business Development

Don't under estimate the importance of the Twitter search engine as a business development tool. In fact once you understand how it works you may even value it more than Google, certainly I do.

This is where I get really excited because when you start to understand how it works, the gray mist starts to lift and you'll finally see why people are interested in what you had for breakfast.

In essence what makes the Twitter search engine unique is that it works in reverse to all other search engines.

Imagine you are a tourist going on holiday to Barcelona. You can easily Google (or any other search engine) a phrase like “Budget Barcelona Hotel” and get some good recommendations. Maybe food is your thing so you Google “Fine Dining Barcelona” and sure enough, you'll get some good recommendations about where to eat and probably a booking tool.

But imagine now that you are the restaurant owner, how does Google work for you? Well......it doesn't. You can't search for “Foodie Vistors To Barcelona” with Google and find tomorrow's bookings but on Twitter you can.

OK it's not quite a simple as keying that search term into the Twitter search engine and customers are falling at your feet, there's more to it than that but basically that's the principle, and that's why Twitter is so valuable to business.

There's a good training program run by Adam Loving that takes you through the “science” of how to search out the right followers and also how to make your tweets deliver results. Click here for details.

To get Twitter to really work for your business you must stop thinking as yourself and start thinking like your customer and when you're ready to learn more then click here.

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