Best Twitter Tools To Add More Followers On Twitter

The good news is that there are some nice Twitter tools to add more followers on to your Twitter account, the bad news is that none of them are free and some of them are better than others. I've been using Twitter since the start of 2010 and have grown my following massively by using what I know understand to be the best software tools on the market.

Some of the tools require a monthly subscription and others it's a one off fee. In order to start my experimentation I went for the monthly subscription option because it meant less of an outlay to see whether it worked and I subscribed to Tweetbig.

Tweetbig is really easy to set up and at the professional level you can run multiple accounts. It offers what I call the “standard facilities” in that it will search for Tweets about your chosen subjects and it also has a facility for you to schedule your own Tweets (something that you can also do with social media dashboards such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite). In addition it also has an aggressive program to help build your followers.

To get started you identify 15 Twitter accounts (possibly your competitors) for Tweetbig to go and analyse and find followers, you follow the followers of the accounts that you have identified and if they don't follow back within a specified period, Tweetbig will un-follow you.

My Twitter following has exploded as a result of using Tweetbig, (no wonder they call it Twitter rocket fuel) my only complaint is that the followers are not targeted to as close to my niche as I would like. It would appear that the accounts that I gave to Twetbig to analyse also have a high proportion of “follow me, follow you” accounts, so it certainly pays to be thorough in your initial analysis before letting Tweetbig work it's magic. If all you want is a high number of followers then Tweetbig is an excellent option. I used it for three months at a total cost of $39 and got over 40,000 followers in that time. I then canceled my subscription and even now I'm still getting loads of new followers so it would appear that once Tweetbig is activated, it isn't ever de-activated. You might want to try subscribing for one month and then canceling your subscription?

Now I use Tweet Adder targeted follow and I'm a lot happier with the focus on my niche. The negative is that Tweet Adder is a higher cost to start, but the payback time versus Tweetbig is just under 6 months and the first thing that I was able to do was delete all those followers that were not doing anything for ma and to concentrate of the the ones that were genuinely interested in my niche.

The other really significant thing for me is that TweetAdder allows me to do a location based search and find people to follow from the geographic area that my business operates and that means that I'm not wasting my time administering and filtering a multiplicity of followers that frankly are not of interest.

Finally, I can download to my laptop and this has allowed me make a twitter safe list and filter out the garbage from my Tweetbig experience. From all my research I've found that these are the two best Twitter tools on the market, I just wish that I'd found TweetAdder sooner.

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