Use Twitter Widgets To Keep Your Website Fresh

What are Twitter widgets? They are a piece of script that you can put onto your website that show what's happening in your Twitter account and are a great way to keep your website looking fresh with regular updates and opportunities to engage with your site visitors.

If you go sign into your Twitter account and scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see a link named “resources”. Click on this link and in the lower left quadrant you'll see a section marked widgets. Click on this and it's will take to the options to place a widget on your website or on your Facebook account.

There's a number of different formats to choose from and when you've made your selection you will be presented with a piece of coding to place on your website. You or your website designer can copy and paste the script into your website and your widget will appear.

There's loads of different widgets to choose from and it's all explained in your Twitter account so I won't duplicate all that information, the only thing I want to add is some commentary about why you might want to add a Twitter widget to your website.

Widgets let site visitors see what's happening now (assuming that you actively Tweet) so it's a great way of letting new site visitors know that you business is active and they haven't just landed on an anonymous website that has been posted there since time forgot.

If you run a blog however and are regularly updating it then I would question the benefits of having widgets for Twitter on your blog but I guess that's a matter of preference so , over to you!

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