Using Twitter Effectively To Build Your Business

You can build your business by using Twitter effectively and the key (for me anyway) is to keep an eye on the time. Just as with Facebook and all these other social networking sites, it's really easy to get hooked and waste an awful lot of time.Here's a few ideas and Twitter tips to get you going:-

  1. Use to find some keywords related to your business eg. Business networking or business coaching for example. Once you've found something that fits subscribe to the RSS feed to track what's new and who turns up for your search.
  2. Investigate the twitter bios and the tweets of the people who turn up for your tweet search and follow those that look serious. (These guys will be sent an e-mail to say that you are following them and their curiosity will hopefully get the better of them, they then follow you in return).
  3. Now include your Twitter widget on the contact page of your business website and include an invitation for your visitors to follow you on Twitter and make contact with you there. This way you continue to build your following.
  4. Track what your followers are saying by using the feed that consolidates all the tweets of all the people you follow.
  5. You are now communicating with people in with like minds and now you can ask and answer their questions and drive traffic to your business website by including links in the “conversation”.

So now you're using Twitter effectively to drive traffic to your business site and to you – beats cold calling – and now it's up to you to convert this traffic into sales.

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