What Is Business Networking?

What is business networking? It’s the process of expanding your contacts and building relationships with these people, within a business context. If one person isn’t able to help you then the chances are they will know someone who can. The more people you meet up and build relationships with the greater the chance that you will find the contacts you are looking for.

Networking is not selling

The first basic principle to understand is that networking is not about selling – it about building up relationships with people so you get to know each other. Once relationships have been built then you are likely to want to help each other, introduce you to your respective contacts and perhaps do business with one another.

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’

Perhaps you are looking for a new job, looking for potential clients, have some problems that need to be solved, are looking for support or are seeking reputable suppliers. Getting to know a network of people who might be able to help you and building relationships with them is the one of the most effective ways of achieving each of these aims.

‘People buy people’

People prefer to do business with others they know like and trust. Once people have developed a positive relationship with you they will want to help you, share their expertise and buy from you if they have a need for your products or services. Even if they don’t have a need for what you are selling themselves, they will want to put you in touch with others who do or others who can help you in other ways. This is what is known as a referral.

Networking is not just about attending an organised networking event

Nowadays there are many events that facilitate the business networking process. These range from the more formal private business networking clubs and open business networking events through to informal networking on the golf course and in the bar.

But networking isn’t just about the one-off event where brief introductions are made. It is about getting to know those people where there is a mutual benefit, understanding their needs and looking for opportunities to help them so over a period of time you can both benefit from the relationship.

So, that covers what is business networking but can anyone be an effective business networker?

The answer is yes – it is just about understanding some basic principles, putting some simple strategies in place and developing some simple but effective networking techniques. The benefits of business networking are enormous and anyone can capitalise on these if they just learn how.

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