What Is LinkedIn And How Does It Work?

by Mr LinkedIn, Mark Williams

As an independent LinkedIn Training provider I find there are some questions I get asked repeatedly. What is LinkedIn is always the first and there another two that usually follow on;

  1. What is Linked In?
    LinkedIn is a social network aimed at the business community, it currently has over 70 million users (June 2010) across 200 countries in every continent. LinkedIn users ‘connect’ to other users thus allowing them to always keep in touch, communicate and have access to the profiles of their first and 2nd tier connections.

  2. How does LinkedIn work?
    Each user has visibility of other users within 3 tiers of connection, ie every time a user connects with someone they will then be able to ‘see’ them plus their 1st and 2nd tier connections. Visibility allows users to find other potential connections as well as other professionals who may be of use/interest to them, it also allows other to ‘see’ them and if their profile is well written this may encourage them to want to do business with them.

  3. What are LinkedIn Groups?
    Groups are one of LinkedIn’s most popular features. LinkedIn groups are mainly run by other users and are based around networking groups (niche subjects or industries) or Alumni groups (universities, colleges, employers). The main activity in a group is discussions where members enter into debate about subjects relevant to that group – this is a great way to keep up to date and to enter into dialogue with other similar users. Joining Linked In groups also allows you to increase your visibility as you are then able to ‘see’ and be seen by all other members of each group (in addition to your 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier connections)

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