What Is Networking?

What is networking? It is simply the process of expanding your contacts and developing relationships with people.

Networking is carried out for different reasons whether it is to find a partner, meet like-minded people, find answers to your questions, career networking to get yourself a new job or build your business contacts.

It is by no means a new phenomenon but is just a word given to the natural process of getting to know people which has happened since humans first appeared on the earth.

What has changed though are the opportunities to expand our networks of contacts. With the advent of the internet you can now build relationships with people on the opposite side of the world and consequently the world is ‘getting smaller’ and there is now a massive global industry based around connecting people whether it be socially or for business.

Networking takes all sorts of different forms from on-line home networking forums, self-help groups and formal business networking groups through to informal liaisons that happen on the golf course or in the bar.

This website specifically focuses upon business networking with the aim of helping people like you and me who are in business to understand how you can generate more business through the process of expanding your contacts and building relationships with other like-minded business people.

Our business specializes in how to build your network using today's communication technology but that is only one side of the story.

You can build your network in many ways and we hope that you'll use all the free information that we have published to help you decide which are the best ways for you.

Don't try to do everything though.......you'll drown. It simply isn't possible. Remember the key questions to ask your self before you get started:

"Why am I doing this?"

"Who do I want to get in touch with?"

Resolve these two points and it will help you target the right networking platforms for your business and also help you use them in the most productive way.

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