Are You A Woman Business Networking?

All woman business networking groups are rapidly gaining in popularity. Why…when generally male and females do business with each other?

Well there are a number of reasons and if you are a woman you might be able to relate to some of these.

  • First there is an increasing number of women who are setting up in business who are looking for opportunities to expand their contacts.

  • Like some women you may feel more confident in an all-women environment and find it easier and quicker to build relationships with other women. If you are more comfortable in such an environment then you are more likely to ‘be yourself’, build up trust and enjoy the benefits that networking has to offer.

    Women Business Networking

  • You may have attended mixed or more male-oriented events and found that the participants did not network in the way you feel comfortable with. Some people would say that women are naturally better networkers than men – certainly there is evidence that generally women network differently from men – putting more emphasis on building up relationships by getting to know each rather than focusing on the end result. If you observe women in business networking there are more chances of seeing two women in deep rapport with one another earlier on after meeting each other (evident by the fact that they are directly facing one another) than you would two men.

  • There are also some old perceptions of male oriented networking events which may or may not be true – long established traditional male groups where perhaps women are not seen as equals. I would like to think that these are few and far between nevertheless these perceptions have given rise to women’s business networking events where a woman business networking can feel confident to network without having to worry whether these old fashioned attitudes still prevail.

  • You may be a woman who just likes to do business with other women. Women are different from men and so you may be seeking to do business with others who you feel an affinity with. You may also offer products and services with a bias towards the female market – some beauty products for example.

  • You might find that as well as running a business you have the responsibilities of raising a family and running a home. You may be a single mother with an additional set of challenges, and some networking events are an opportunity to naturally bond with and get support from other women with similar issues.

  • Some of the more established groups which originally had been set up by men may operate at times which do not fit in with the workings of a family, with children to get to and pick up from school. So groups have been set up which specifically accommodate the needs of certain groups of women

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