Athena Womens Networking Franchise


The beauty of working an Athena womens networking franchise is that you can start and grow your business using a tried and tested model that comes complete with training help, and support. The typical failure rate for new business is 70% within the first two years but when you look at franchises that statistic falls to less than 10%. Nothing is guaranteed of course but if you have that get up and go and desire to succeed in business than maybe this is the option for you.

The Athena network was founded in 2005 by Jaqueline Rogers and has now grown into a network of 26 franchisees (at the time of writing) and over 26,000 members. They are broadening their horizons and launched in Asia Pacific (Singapore) in September 2011 as their first step outside the UK.

The Athena continuous training programme includes:-

  1. An initial induction training over two days
  2. Training in marketing and networking
  3. Back up manuals for Operations, Marketing and Training purposes
  4. Initial pack of promotional material, business cards and brochures
  5. A web link
  6. National advertising and marketing programs

Who should apply?

Athena claim that to be a successful franchisee you don’t need to have an extensive background in business networking but you do need to have good organisational skills, a strong desire to succeed and be willing to devote as much time as it needs in those early days to get your networking groups off the ground.

How do I apply?

The first stage is to register you interest and request further information. I’m sure at this stage you will be told the cost of initial investment. You can request further information by telephoning this number: 0845 004 9262

Or request information by e-mail.

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