Effective Womens Networking Tips

Here are some really effective womens networking tips to help you if you are a female wanting to get the most from your networking activities. I have compiled these from studying effective women network however you will notice that some of these tips apply equally to a male networker.

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  • Recognise the differences between men and women

    Research has shown that men and women do network differently…in general (and I do say stress in general) women tend naturally to spend more time building up relationships before expecting a financial return on their efforts. When I asked one mixed networking group what they had gained out of the last 12 months all the women focused on the support and the friendships they had built whilst the men focused on the business they had brought in!

  • Regard men as friends, not enemies!

    Most of us do business with both men and women and even if men are not our direct customer we are likely to involve men in our businesses in one way or another. Unfortunately some women, for whatever reason, regard men as the enemy, make blanket judgments which then manifests themselves in their behaviour towards men – inadvertently putting up barriers …all of a sudden that’s 50% of the population you have alienated and therefore cut out from your network.

  • Avoid flirtatious behaviour

    Some of the most effective female networkers I know retain their feminine identity, which can work really well when building relationships with men, however they remain totally business-like and definitely do not flirt. Flirting will totally lose your credibility from a business point of view and would not do any favors with your female colleagues either.

  • Consider your audience

    Some women are more inclined to spend more time talking about their personal life and family, all part of the essential building rapport process, before talking business. However, when I asked my husband for his top womens networking tips he focused in on one thing - ‘talk about your business not just your family!’

    So, bear this in mind and be consider when to stop the small talk and move on to business.

  • Decide what you want to gain from your networking activities and choose your group accordingly

    Are you looking for a forum for getting referrals (and if so how quickly?) or are you looking for a more social forum where you have the support and friendship of other like-minded business people?

    Have a look at different groups perhaps all women or mixed groups and see how they operate and what they aim to achieve – you will find there is a huge range out there.

  • Be authentic

    Whether you are at a female networking event or a mixed one just be yourself. It is a fact that men and women are different. We tend to think differently in many ways and have different traits so accept these differences and use them to your advantage. You can be business-like without feeling you have to ‘act like a man.’ Once you start straying though from being yourself others are likely to notice and will be less likely to trust you.

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