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If you are a work at home mom or WAHM, you may have taken this route to enable you to be around for the children when they come home from school and in the school vacations, to make the most of the limited hours in a ‘school day’ and to earn an income and to have your own sense of identity.

But it is women who generally as a sex have more need for social interaction and to feel part of a social group. So, when many women give up working for an organization, where perhaps they have had daily contact with work colleagues, customers and suppliers, all a sudden they are letting go of a basic human need that we have…one of social interaction and connection.

So how can networking help you as a work at home mom?

  1. Join a networking group which fulfills both your business and social needs

    There are plenty of groups out there – just find that group that meets your needs. Just by meeting with like-minded individuals even on a professional basis will help to fulfill your need for social interaction…it doesn’t means you have to cross the barriers into close friendships.

    Work At Home Mom or WAHM

    I have a number of women who join my own groups (which are mixed sex groups) because they enjoy the support of the group, they enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and they like the relaxed, friendly atmosphere, something that isn’t always present in some of the more formal networking organisations.

  2. Consider Joining a Women’s Networking Group

    You may find that you would benefit from attending an all female group where you can talk with women who are in a similar situation to yourself and who can empathise with your challenges.

  3. Join Online Business Networking Groups

    You may be a WAHM because you have other constraints which prevent you from getting out and about – children at home or to pick up from school or just a lack of time from having a shorted working day. If this is the case have a look at some of the on-line business networking groups out there which might meet your needs.

  4. Join Social Networking Groups

    If social interaction is all you are seeking whilst running your business from home you may find a purely social online networking group….there are plenty to choose from!

If you are however committed to staying at home 100% of the time then why not start a web business like we have? Were now not just a work at home mom but a father too, does that make us a WAHF (work at home family)?

We used SBI! to do it. To see what we mean, check out this video clip and learn more.

Use this link to navigate to our guide about how to make your own website that really works.

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