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Work at home and become part of the growing population of business people who are choosing this way of earning. Maybe the flexibility of working at home appeals, perhaps you are not mobile or perhaps it represents an efficient and cost effective way of running your business.

Whatever your reasons you will no doubt find that there are also some downsides that you must consider before making your choice:

  • a lack of interaction with other people leaving you with no one to bounce ideas off, solve problems and at times leaving you feeling socially isolated
  • a reliance on the telephone, post and e-mail to gain new business
  • Distractions such as other household chores
  • A potential monotony to your day

Business networking can be a really effective way to solve some of these issues making the work at home experience both enjoyable and productive. Here are some ideas to help you

Work At Home

  1. Regular meetings to help you keep in touch

    To prevent you from feeling totally isolated go to regular meetings, whether once a month or once a week. These can be a great way to maintain support network. It s also a good opportunity to keep in touch with the business community, existing customers and develop your customer base, even if the majority of your work is done from home.

    You will find events are help at all times of the day from early morning to evening, so there is a good chance that there will be one to suit you whatever you circumstances.

  2. Online Business Networking

    If getting out and meeting face to face really isn’t an option for you, then there are plenty of online networking organisations and events you can now access such as Ecademy and Linked-In. These organisations have opportunities to make extensive contacts and have groups which meet and provide a forum for exchanging ideas and keeping you in touch with the business world.

  3. Social Networking

    Even if don’t seek formal business networking opportunities you may still benefit from joining one of the many social networking sites that now exist such as Facebook which allows you to connect and keep in touch with friends online. This can be a good way to just break up what might be a monotonous day with some fun social contact. But beware…don’t allow yourself get carried away and find that you are distracted totally from your work…easily done!

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